The route of the white villages

The most picturesque and original vision of the Cadiz province offer their so-called “white villages”. They mix the typical architecture of the area with its whitewashed houses, castles and churches, most of the medieval period.

Ruta de los pueblos blancos

Arcos de la Frontera

The starting point of the White Villages Route. The village is one of the most beautiful in Spain. Bathed by the river Guadalete, It is surrounded by olive and orange trees, and fertile farmland. The surrounding countryside is engaged in the rearing of fghting bulls and fine horses.
Since 1962 the old quarter has been a Protected Area of Historical/Artistic interest for its natural beauty, important monuments and architectural wealth. It also possesses crafts and good gastronomy. Sport practices include: gliding, hunting, riding and water sports on Lago de la Molinera. Easter week here has been officially recognised as being of national tourist interest.

Ruta de los pueblos blancos - Arcos


Typical Andalusian “White Village”. Crowned by the remains of a castel of great historical value.
Roman remains also found nearby. Nowadays, the village is noted for the hand made “Botos” (fiald boots) which are made here.

Ruta de los pueblos blancos - Espera


A beautiful “white village” on the shores of the reservoir of the river Guadalete. Producer of high quality fruit and vegetables. Stately houses and gardens. Crafts.

Ruta de los pueblos blancos - Bornos


Situated near The Hurones reservoir. A village of Arabian origin. Craft products include saddlery and woodwark. Bull Ring.

Ruta de los pueblos blancos - Algar

Prado del rey

On the “White Villages Route”, set among olive trees and vines. Founded by Carlos III, it is famous for its leather-work and hand made furniture. It also produces excellet honey. The remains of The Roman city of Iptuci are foun 4 kilometres from the village.

Ruta de los pueblos blancos - Algar


A “White Villages” set in fertile farmland, where we find crafts and leather-work. Good gastronomy. Activities include fiching and hunting.

Ruta de los pueblos blancos - Villamartín

Puerto Serrano

A peaceful village, typical of the “White Villages” with its whitewashed houses, situated near the border with Seville. Its olive trees produce a very high quality oil. Fishing in the Guadalete river. Crafts.

Ruta de los pueblos blancos - Puerto Serrano


This beautiful “White Village” is situated on the slopes of the Lijar Mountains. In crafts, the guitars made here are highly acclaimed. The surrounding mountains are particulary suitable for the practise of gliding. Nearby, in “La Muela” we find one of the largest colonies of vultures in Spain./

Ruta de los pueblos blancos - Algodonales


A pretty mountain village which was declared a Protected area of Historical/Artistic interest in 1983. Its Arab castle and the Iglesia de la Encarnación, neoclasical, dominate the village. Crafts and goog gastronomy. The surrounding countryside is of great ecological wealth and beauty.

Ruta de los pueblos blancos - Olvera