The province

The province of Cadiz, in spite of its relatively small extension, possesses quite distinct landscapes, character and social-cultural characteristics. Therefore, in order to get a thorough acquaintence with the area, four distinct tourist routs have been outlined.

Each rout presents a different facet, and only on completing all four will the tourist obtain a complete image of this singular province.

The route of the bulls

The route of the bullsThis route meets with his quaintness and artistic monuments, the uniqueness of that along its route can be seen the various herds of fighting bulls.

The bull grazing in their natural environment is a picture of rare beauty.

The coastal route

The coastal routeFollowing 260 kms. of coastline, beaches are the finest golden sand of the peninsula. This route is full of scenic surprises, and even the remains of ancient civilizations such as the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia, near Tarifa, meeting of two seas, the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

The route of wine

The route of wine Tour the cities in which there is a universal renowned wine and comprising a set of unique attractions. Excel their very extensive vineyards, visits to the centuries-old cellars and a maximum number of monuments of historical and artistic interest.

The route of the white villages

The route of the white villagesThe most picturesque and original vision of the Cadiz province offer their so-called “white villages”. They mix the typical architecture of the area with its whitewashed houses, castles and churches, most of the medieval period.