The route of the bulls

This route meets with his quaintness and artistic monuments, the uniqueness of that along its route can be seen the various herds of fighting bulls.
The bull grazing in their natural environment is a picture of rare beauty.

Ruta del toro

Paterna de la Rivera

Situated on a plain in the centre of the province. Renowned for the breeding of fighting bulls and beautiful horses. Crafts. The cradle of “peteneras” singing. The Castillo de Gigonza is found several kilometres from the village.

Ruta del toro - Paterna

Medina Sidónia

In the centre of the province, on the “Bull Route”. The village dates back many centuries and still conserves its Arab and medieval flavour with its three Arab gateways. Delicious gastronomy and backing. Hunting and the annual “Craft Fair”.

Ruta del toro - Medina

Benalup / Casas Viejas

Known as “Casas Viejas” (Old Houses), it possesses a wealth of history. Crafts. Excellent hunting. The cave paintings of “Tajo de las Figuras” are to be found a few kilometres from here.

Ruta del toro - Benalup

Alcalá de los Gazules

Situated in the centre of the province, between the mountains and the sea. In 1984 the old quarter of the town was declared a Protected Area of Historical/Artistic Interest. Situated on the Bull Route, it provides good hunting and craftsmanship. “El picacho” Nature Reserve and recreation area is situated 9 km away.

Ruta del toro - Alcala

Los Barrios

In the heart of the Campo de Gibraltar. Surrounded by fertile countryside, rich in flora and fauna. Cave paintings in the Cuevas del Bacitete. Fishing in the Charco Redondo reservoir. Hunting, horseriding and fair-grounds.

Ruta del toro - Los Barrios


Situated on the shore of the Bay of Algeciras, facing the Strait of Gibraltar and the African coast. Good communications infrastructure. Important commercial and industrial centre. One of the busiest passenger ports in the world, with a continuous ferry service to the north of Africa. In la Plaza Alta, the nerve centre of the town, we find the Iglesia Ntra. Sra. de la Palma (XVIII century). Sailing and Underwater Fishing competitions are regulary held off its coast.

Ruta del toro - Algeciras

La Línea de la Concepción

Situated on the Bay of Algeciras, on the border with Gibraltar. It is a modern and lively town with a tradition of fishing and vegetable production. Besides its two ample beaches it also boasts a bullring, a museum dedicated to bullfighting and the Cruz Herrera Museum.

Ruta del toro - La linea

San Roque

Situated in the Campo de Gibraltar and surrounded by countryside of great ecological interst. Roman remains of Carteia. The old quarter of the town is declered a Protected Area of Historical / Artistic Interest. Important tourist complexes with golf couses, yacht clubs, polo, tennis, etc. Summer courses for foreingers. International Short Festival. Good beaches.

Ruta del toro - San Roque


Situated in the Campo de Gibraltar, this is a well conserved, beautiful and historic village. On a hill overlooking the village, there stands a Roman-Arab castle. Cave paintings in the Cuevas de Laja Alta. Renowened for the oranges and tropical fruits grown here. Small and big game hunting. Equestrian routes.

Ruta del toro - Jimena