The various beaches existing in the municipality of Cadiz total some 8 Km in length, divided as follows: Victoria Beach 2,800 m, Cortadura Beach 4.000 m from the Bastion bearing the same name to the military facilities of Torregorda, Santa Maria del Mar 650 m and La Caleta Beach.

La Victoria

Playa de La Victoria

Victoria Beach stands out among those located in the municipality of Cadiz both because of its physical characteristics and the intensive use it experiences.

It lies next to the urban fabric of Cadiz and is located on the western side of the isthmus on which the city is erected. Cortadura Bastion, whose western section stands on the very sand of the beach, marks its southern limit. At the northern end the limit is somehow blurred at the rocky reefs of el Cabezo. The straight Playa de Cortadura stretches between these two elements totalling 2,800 m in length and an average width of 185 m at low tide. The back side of the beach is enclosed by the promenade stretching along its entire length.

It is an urban, open and straight beach with fine golden silicon sand. It has been awarded a Blue Flag, and it has obtained the UNE-EN ISO 14001 certification and the “Q” Standard for Tourist Quality in Beaches.


Playa de Cortadura

Cortadura Beach is the largest one in the municipality totalling some 4,000 m in length and a total width of 100 m at low tide; it is a fairly straight beach stretching between Cortadura Bastion and the military facilities of Torregorda. It is the beach of the city that preserves its natural character best.

It has got a Blue Flag and has been certified with the UNE-EN ISO 14001 Standard.

Santa María del Mar

Playa de Santa María del Mar

Santa Maria del Mar Beach is the northernmost one amongst those facing to the west in the city of Cadiz.

With a total length of 650 metres it stretches between the remains of the old storm walls of the old city centre and the Poniente beach access at the end of Condesa Villafuente Bermeja Street. The back side of the beach is made up by the bank accessing the Amilcar Barca Promenade.

La Caleta

Playa de La Caleta

La Caleta is the second most popular beach in the city. It is a small beach located in the middle of La Viña quarter, and has become its central point, with a strong impact on popular folklore and lifestyles.

It is some 500 metres long and its average width at low tide is 60 metres. It has got fine golden silicon-calcareous sand. It is surrounded by a promenade and has been awarded a blue flag.

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